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Gender Reassignment and Genital Aesthetic Surgeries

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Gender reassignment

Gender Reassignment Surgery

What is gender reassignment surgery?

Gender reassignment surgery is a set of surgical procedures performed to align an individual's biological sex with the gender they identify with. This can include both male-to-female (MTF) and female-to-male (FTM) transitions.

What is sexual identity disorder?

It is the incompatibility between the brain and the body. So you have the wrong brain in the wrong body. Let's say you have a feeling or thought about the opposite sex or imagine a sexual desire in your mind, you go home, you undress and you see that this is not the body you want. What we mean is that for example you imagine a woman in a sexual relationship in your memory... Read More>>

What happens when a transgender individual has a gender identity disorder?

They have no problem with Testosterone level. In fact, when testosterone was first discovered, they said okay. They said, "We found the problematic hormone that we can treat all homosexual behaviors, all transsexual behaviors, this is probably what was missing, we will give it or we will fix it." They started giving testosterone to people in large quantities. So what was the result? Read More>>

How is the process goes legally after you decide to do the gender reassignment surgery?

First of all, the first thing to do is to apply to the by saying “I want to change my gender because of this problem”. Why? Because we will destroy the individual from the earth, we will reveal a new individual in one day, your entire past will change. That’s why the court must approve you in terms of your identity. What will the court do? Read More>>

How is post operation care after gender reassignment surgery ?

Care after gender reassignment surgery is very important for patients. It is recommended to use the vagina mold regularly after surgery, especially during the first year. This is necessary to maintain the shape of the newly created vaginal canal and reduce the risk of narrowing. Read More>>

Feminization surgeries

Feminization Surgeries

What is feminization surgery?

Feminization surgeries include surgical procedures that aim to make the individual's physical characteristics more feminine during the transition from male to female (MTF). This can include a variety of procedures such as facial feminization, breast augmentation and body contouring.

Why is Feminization Surgery performed?

Because everyone’s face and body are different, everyone’s needs are also different. That’s why it starts with facial feminization. Nose becomes more polite, eyebrows become more prominent, cheekbones become more prominent, there can be many things such as bichectomies, chin shaving, and epilations can be added to these... Read More>>

What are the options for feminizing surgery?

Orchiectomy, Vaginoplasty surgery, breast surgeries, body shaping operations, tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty... Read More>>

Why should I have Feminization surgery?

Feminization surgery can be a life-changing step for individuals experiencing gender nonconformity. Such surgical interventions satisfy the person’s desire to express themselves physically as a woman and reduce the discrepancy between sexual identity and physical appearance. Read More>>

Female Genital Aesthetics

Female Genital Aesthetics

What are female genital aesthetic surgeries?

Female genital aesthetic surgeries include various procedures such as outer lip filling, genital area whitening, labiaplasty (reduction of inner lips), hudoplasty (clitoris aesthetics) and vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening).

Who can the labiaplasty operation be performed for?

This operation can be performed for anyone aged 18 and over who does not have a health disability, not satisfied with the sagging of the inner lip, its size and shape.

What should be considered after labiaplasty operation?

After the operation, a return to daily life can be made within 3 days. During the first week, care should be taken to maintain hygiene and make dressings regularly... Read More>>

In which cases is the hudoplasty operation performed?

Labiaplasty is an operation that often accompanies the operation. In people with inner lip sagging or enlargement, the tissue above the clitoris may also have an enlarged and deformed shape in general... Read More>>

How is the barbie vagina operation performed?

Barbie vagina operation is completed successfully between 1.5 - 2.5 hours under general or local anesthesia according to the accompanying operations. Labiaplasty and hudoplasty are performed with the technique that will be most suitable for you... Read More>>

Male Genital Aesthetics

Male Genital Aesthetics

How is the penis enlargement operation performed?

There are more than one technique of penis enlargement operation. One of these techniques is the process of decongesting the connective tissue between the penis and the pelvis and pulling the penis forward. With this process, an average of 2-3 cm elongation is obtained... Read More>>

What should be considered after the operation?

The average recovery time after the operation is 2 weeks. Person should take a break from masturbation and sexual intercourse for 1 month, sexual abstinence should be practiced... Read More>>

How is the penile prosthesis operation performed?

The method and duration of the operation also vary depending on the person's health history and the type of penile prosthesis to be selected. The 3-piece inflatable penile prosthesis operation, which is the most preferred type of penile prosthesis, is performed under general anesthesia... Read More>>

How is the first use after the penile prosthesis operation?

After the healing process is completed, the erection process is started by pressing on the activator pump located in the testicular skin in the three-piece inflatable penile prostheses... Read More>>

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gender reassignment surgery

Gender reassignment surgery is a surgical procedure that allows a person to be physically compatible with the gender they identify with. This process is important for the individual to live a life at peace with his/her own identity. Maje-X Clinic provides support in this important transformation journey with experienced experts and modern techniques and helps individuals realize themselves.

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Feminization surgeries

Feminization surgeries emphasize feminine features through facial, breast and body shaping. This process allows individuals to feel and look more feminine and increases their self-confidence and quality of life.

Feminization surgeries
Feminization Surgeries Aesthetic
Feminization Surgeries Aesthetic

Look like you feel!

Feminization surgeries emphasize feminine features through facial, breast and body shaping. This process allows individuals to feel and look more feminine and increases their self-confidence and quality of life. Feminization surgeries emphasize feminine features through facial, breast and body shaping. This process allows individuals to feel and look more feminine and increases their self-confidence and quality of life.

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Genital Aesthetics
Genital Aesthetics
Female Genital Aesthetics
Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery

Female Genital Aesthetics

Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery is a surgical procedure aimed at the aesthetic and functional improvement of the female genital area. It may include a variety of procedures, such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, and usually aims to reduce the size of the labia, increase vaginal tightness, or improve aesthetic appearance. These surgeries aim to improve women’s quality of life by providing personal comfort and increased self-confidence.

Penis Aesthetic Surgery

Male Genital Aesthetics

Penis Aesthetic Surgery involves surgical procedures performed to improve the appearance of the male genital area. These surgeries may include a variety of procedures, such as lengthening the size of the penis, increasing its thickness, or correcting structural problems such as curvature. Its purpose is to increase aesthetic satisfaction and improve sexual functions, thus increasing individuals’ self-confidence and quality of sexual life.

Male Genital Aesthetics
Primary Ejaculation Surgery
You Will Feel Magnificent!

Primary Ejaculation Surgery

Primary Ejaculation problem you are experiencing can now be solved! Leave this difficult situation behind with the advanced surgical methods offered by modern medicine. Primary Ejaculation Surgery is performed meticulously by our experienced specialists and is customized for you. You can have a longer and more satisfying sexual experience after surgery. Give yourself this chance and take the step that will change your life!

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